Steve has been practicing Karate-do for over 25 years and founded Elite Karate Centres in 2000 where he teaches Karate-do and Kobudo. In 2009 Steve became a founding instructor of SSK and in 2015 he established Koshinkan Karate Association (KSK).

Qualifications and Achievements

  • 5th Dan, in Shukokai Karate-do
  • Head of Elite Karate Centres
  • Previously member of the Shukokai Kumite Team, with successes at National and International Level
  • 3rd Dan, in Ryukyu Hokama Kobujutsu
  • Registered Instructor of Okinawan International Kenshi-Kai, Karate-Do Kobu-do Association
  • President & Chief Instructor, Koshinkan Karate Association

Steve Outside of Karate

Living in Sheffield I’m perfectly placed to put my mountain bike on the car rack & head off for a few hours of single track mindedness! As well as mountain bike tracks, Sheffield is also home to some of the best real ale pubs and breweries in the world, so when I’m not outside on the Bike, or Inside the Dojo, you’ll find me in a Pub enjoying a pint of real ale and a pork pie!