Success to us at KSK is defined by the happiness of our members, not by the number of Black Belts. Our primary aim is to ensure each member enjoys their practice of karate-do, in doing so we are also here to support our members in their progression within the karate syllabus, at a pace that suits them.

When our students grade they will have been put forward by their Sensei due to their ability to competently demonstrate the required standards of their respective grade and, in addition, have met the following criteria;

  • Hold an up to date licence
  • Have been in regular attendance, having demonstrated active engagement within lesson times.
  • Have, since their last successful grading, undertaken continuous training for the minimum period relevant to the grade;
Grade Minimum Period of Training
9th-4th KYU
3rd-1st KYU
1st DAN
2nd DAN
3rd DAN
4th DAN
3 Months
6 Months
1 Year
2 Years
3 Years
4 Years
  • Have attended the minimum number of courses relevant to their grade.
  • At all times uphold the true spirit of Karate-do